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CloZee partners with indie icon The Kite String Tangle on timely new single, ‘Us’

With only days left until the release of her upcoming album Neon Jungle, out July 3, talented French-producer CloZee is lighting up the music world through her singles. Following the premieres of “Winter is Coming” and “Air,” her newest track, titled Us,” with The Kite String Tangle is a euphoric downtempo journey set perfectly to build hype for the forthcoming body of work.

CloZee is a wizard with synthesizers, adding sliding tones to “Us” that overlap and create a layered feel to boost and accompany the vocals from Danny Harley, sole member of The Kite String Tangle. The indie pop artist comes from Brisbane, Australia, bringing his multi-instrumental magic and smooth, somber lyricism. The song’s verses, while poetically sad, also manage to be inspiring through a fitting message many can resonate with today.

The two musicians pair beautifully together to weave together “Us,” adding another piece to the album puzzle and tying together the soft downtempo of “Air” with the triumphant tones of “Winter is Coming.” If the album follows the example set by the three singles, then it will likely be a worthy addition to her already well-rounded discography.

It’s been a while since fans have been graced with a full CloZee album, and this newest one is highly-anticipated, especially as fresh music becomes a primary means of income in the absence of live shows. Her influence over electronic culture is pivotal, and only time will tell how far this next project takes her and perhaps the bass music sound as a whole. Pre-orders for Neon Jungle can be found here, and the newest song can be streamed below.