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CloZee previews forthcoming album with new single, ‘Winter is Coming’

French producer CloZee (Chloé Herry) has been taking the electronic world by storm since her 2015 debut, crafting an elegant, inspired world glitch sound that’s entirely unprecedented and unique. Her last studio album was 2018’s Evasiona highly acclaimed project that set Herry apart from other creators. With mastery at mixing that’s evident both on and off stage, she’s steadily working her way up and cementing herself as a name to follow.

After a stunning performance at Envision Festival this year, she’s followed up with some beautiful livestream sets and has begun spotlighting her newest release: a full length album, Neon Jungle, out July 3. Her first single off the album, “Winter is Coming,” has just dropped, and it provides an exciting peek at what fans can expect. With her perfected Eastern instrumentation, stylized vocal samples, and surprisingly deep bass, the track brings together a variety of sounds to form into a moving dub anthem. CloZee is heavily influenced by elements like dreams and weather, and captures this in her music with an ethereal other-worldness that sparks creativity. She’s a pro at storytelling through music, and transports listeners into all new places.

While there’s no hints yet at more singles, CloZee can be found at Lightning in a Bottle’s digital fest this weekend and is sure to have more surprises in store before July. Listen to the new tune below; although we are about to enter summer, be prepared to feel chills experiencing a CloZee winter.

Featured photo: Spygel