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CloZee transports listeners to another time and place in debut ‘Evasion’ LP [Album Review]

Here at Conscious Electronic, we’ve been longtime supporters of French electronica and world producer Chloé Herry. The Madison House signee, who travels the world under her CloZee moniker, has been busy hitting the festival circuit this year, including Coachella, BUKU, Lightning in a BottleElectric Forest, and Shambhala; with upcoming appearances at Suwannee Hulaween, Voodoo, Costa Rica’s Envision, and Australia’s Rainbow Serpent.


Although she’s released four EPs released since 2012, fans have been itching for a holistic full-length studio product. Now CloZee has delivered on this yearning — and to a quite beautiful degree.

Having only shared the title track with fans prior to the album’s release, CloZee now unveils her highly-anticipated debut album, dubbed EVASION, out now on Gravitas Recordings/Midnight Escape Records. Spanning 10 tracks in length, the album isn’t just a collection of songs but a cinematic snapshot of original singles that reveal a larger storyline.

“During the creating process,” Henry previously revealed to CE, “I’d have visions of where I want to take the listeners, taking the time to remember what story I want to tell with each sound.”

Packed with incredibly diverse sounds and varied styles, all of which which diverge onto one cohesive terrain, the album is a unified work which blends all cultural influences, genres, and instruments into an international work of art.

“I’m beyond happy for everyone to finally be able to listen to this album, and to travel to their own secret places.” – CloZee

What is most refreshing about CloZee’s resilient sound isn’t just her ability to incorporate organic elements like rain water and flute melodies, or even her seamless blend of glitch, trip hop, folk, downtempo, left field, and tribal bass. What makes CloZee’s music so stunning is her ability to transport listeners to another time and space.

That’s exactly what EVASION stands for.

“‘Evasion’ in French,” quite literally translates to “Escaping the reality,” CloZee says of the album.

Not only that, the album’s eclectic sound emanates from a place of love, travel, and adventure. It is the culmination of her past experiences, especially in her travels to India, Israel, Ukraine, Costa Rica, and North America. CloZee says her intentions are to transport listeners to various destinations through her music; to teach them about various cultures through her eyes and ears.

“EVASION the result of my years of research and adventures while touring, traveling, meeting new people, and discovering new landscapes. I finally felt ready to share a complete musical story that tells about myself and my past experiences.”


From the instrumentally laden track “Chinese Trip,” to upbeat tribal-infused songs like “Our Voices,” to the Arabian-inspired melodies and deep basslines of “Desert,” each offering on EVASION lends itself to a different cultural sound. CloZee’s debut production acknowledges that music is a language that we all understand; as she designs rising beats and vibrating melodies with a universal dialect.

To coincide with the album, CloZee is currently in the midst of her album-accompanying world tour, with stops in major cities all across North America and European/Australian dates being added daily. Tickets are available now.


December 27 – Berkeley, CA – The UC Theatre

December 29 – Vancouver, Canada – Contact Festival

January 25 – Lexton, Australia – Rainbow Serpent Festival

February 15 – Peak Crossing, Australia – Earth Frequency Festival