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Bassnectar releases the second mixtape from ‘The Lockdown Mixtapes’ series, ‘Sound In Motion’

Lorin Ashton, the face behind the Bassnectar project, has just debuted the second installment of “The Lockdown Mixtape,” titled “Sound In Motion.” What better way to kicks things off than by taking listeners straight into space with a complete symphony consisting of an assortment of wind chimes, bells, and other field recordings from a new track from his forthcoming All Colors LP, “Rise & Shine.” The mixtape is a 30-minute sonic journey that features many flips and remixes of other well-known and rising artists in addition two more brand new tracks off the upcoming album, which is set to release on June 19.

The mix features some of J:Kenzo’s deep dub and Darkzy’s hot and heavy “Gun Fingers” which drops right into one of Bassnectar’s fan-favorite remix tracks of Mar Leon’s “Fire.” The transition makes for a rather beautiful yet unexpected twist. From there, adding a little classical orchestra into the mix, the King of Sound also ties in an incredible remix of one of Apashe’s “Eeubok Gotta Run.”

Additionally, a flip of Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” can even be found in the mix. Once again, using his platform to spread positive messages near and far. This message highlights the importance of moving forward, whether you’re walking or running, which is pretty crucial at this point in time. It then features one of his own unreleased tracks.

Getting back in touch with his roots, Bassnectar relates this to those 1999 full moon vibes, which is right around when he first started the project in full force. With some unreleased synths and quite a few heavy hitting new tracks, this mixtape is straight fire, no pun intended. As always, there’s that perfect balance between heavy and slow because Lorin says he “really loves those quiet moments” to “let the frequency spectrum breathe.”

“Sound In Motion” debuted on Twitch and YouTube once again with visuals, but is now available for fans to stream everywhere. Buckle up and enjoy!


Featured photo: (SIC).