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Conrank enlists legendary drummer KJ Sawka on explosive new tune, ‘Sound Burial’

KJ Sawka is famously known across the dance music world for his live drumming performances with the likes of Pendulum and Excision’s Destroid. His creative flair is unmistakable, which is why Conrank couldn’t help but pursue the legendary musician to bring his huge energy to Sound Burial,” out now on Circus Records.

The brand new collaborative effort follows on from Conrank’s massive single, “Ooba,” which was supported by the likes of Zeds Dead, Zomboy, Space Jesus, and more. That single was released hot on the tails of Conrank’s five-track EP, White Noise Generation, with Wakaan and massive collaboration with Jantsen, “In The Dance,” on Insomniac’s Bassrush Records.