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UHNK releases dark and heavy new single, ‘Gang’

Alex Saldana is building a sound like no other under his UHNK moniker. While creating music under the Producer Dojo banner, UHNK has distinguished an obscured sound of deep and violently moving textured bass. Paired rhythmically with chopped vocals and dirty percussion to narrate scenes in the landscape of the mind, his sound has become known to transport listeners to places they didn’t even know existed. UHNK has bottled the sound of ultimate control in his newest track, “Gang.”

“Gang” highlights UHNK’s heavy and dark production and leaves you wondering what is going on as you get blasted by rolling basslines. Every bass riff is a different elephant attack with swinging bass representing a swinging elephant trunk and the drums reverberating like the stomps of a stampede. The arpeggiator in this song provides constant anxiety and moves over the top of a monstrous bassline that is constantly changing rhythms. This track will have you fighting alongside a chimpanzee that has commandeered a war elephant and is fighting against a horde of enemies.

As a Chicago native, UHNK got into the music scene through festivals and shows and fell in love with the over-stimulation that is the electronic scene and its events. UHNK started producing the years ago with a very distinct sound in mind, revolving around the ethos of over-stimulation and sound being an “assault on the psyche.” Rotating through thick bass, morphing textures, and ever-changing war drums, his sound leaves listeners fighting through psychedelic experiences, wondering if their soul is escaping reality and into the unknown of another dimension.

UHNK – Gang

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