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Tyler Lawrence debuts sultry single, ‘Slow It Down’

Tyler Lawrence is a banker by day and a DJ by night. Although he’s been producing and writing for years, he broke onto the music scene in 2019 after realizing the daily corporate life wasn’t fulfilling his itch to create. In pursuit of his true passion, he began studying music once again at Pyramind Production School in San Francisco, and has since been gaining the attention of indie music press and podcasts. The Bay Area indie-electronic producer now follows up his heavy-hitting single “The Heet” with a sultry smooth “Slow It Down.”

“Slow It Down” serves as a sweet departure from Tyler Lawrence’s recent sound. A master with an impressive hand for any genre moves from bass house to a euphoric blend of future bass in his newest. “Slow It Down” enlists powerful vocals, both captivating and catchy. Sonic sound waves and the soft echoing of “Slow It Down” entice listeners throughout, as Tyler Lawrence adds stunning production flare. A glittery single with promise, Tyler Lawrence adds to his rapidly growing catalogue with a glowing sentiment from the heart.

“With this track, I really tried to capture what it feels like when you’re first falling in love,” Tyler Lawrence said in a press statement. “You’re in this crazy whirlwind and you get caught up thinking about what could be or what will happen, but once you take that breath and just be still, you settle into that indescribable euphoria that is love.”

Tyler Lawrence’s latest single, “The Heet,” also saw great success, with the producer donating 100 percent of track proceeds to the NAACP. With much more to come throughout the rest of the 2020 calendar year, Tyler Lawrence is an artist to watch.

Tyler Lawrence – Slow It Down

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