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Australian artist Lucille Croft takes ‘Control’ on new fiery bass single

2020 has allowed newer DJ’s to thrive in the newly digitized music landscape, as many listeners are branching out and exploring new electronic styles in their downtime. One such musician is Australian-based artist Lucille Croft, a multi-talented blogger, fashion designer, and former model. She recently made waves in the dance scene with a fresh, creative perspective on bass music. While she released a handful of songs two years ago, and has had a few notable performances in the past, she’s back with a renewed interest in producing and has a killer new track to show for it.

She brilliantly fuses elements of glitch, house, space bass, and dubstep together to form a sound reminiscent of G Jones or Mersiv. In her newest single, “Control,” Croft uses her own haunting vocals to create a deliciously dark number that rises and dips unexpectedly, but without throwing off the pacing of the track. This stomping bass beat will have listeners ready to rage, and certainly raises the bar for music Croft may release in the future.

Listen below, and stay tuned for further coverage of this newest midtempo queen.

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