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Gryffin enlists John Martin on heartfelt anthem, ‘Cry’ [WATCH]

When it comes to music that has a way of tugging on the heartstrings, the melodic genre tends to come to mind. Gryffin is one producer in the laundry list of talented melodic dance producers that stands out for his signature budding sound designs and incredible multi-instrumental talent on stage. The LA-based producer has now released another passionate crowd-pleaser with a beautiful message.

Titled “Cry,” the anthemic single upon John Martin for his soaring vocal efforts that fit Gryffin’s style like a glove. Gryffin debuted the collaboration to 75,000 viewers during the virtual Digital Mirage music festival back in April. Now the final product comes to full fruition with uplifting guitar melodies, bright pads, atmospheric synths, and hopeful lyrics from the ever-talented John Martin, who is admittedly picky with who he chooses to collaborate with on music.

Gryffin is touting “Cry” as the start of his next chapter. Before its release, Gryffin told fans “a new era is coming” in a cryptic tweet. While the significance of that tweet has not quite been uncovered, many fans are speculating a new album and tour. Only time will tell.

Gryffin & John Martin – Cry (Official Music Video)

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