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Sully unleashes the wobble on heavy new Wakaan cut, ‘Duck Hummus’

Featured photo: JT Van Winkle Photo/Instagram @_vanwinklephoto_.

Everyone can agree that Wakaan packs a legendary collection of artists. The freeform electronic music label constantly changes the game by bringing underground artists to the spotlight. Without a doubt, one of those up and coming stars is Sully. The Los Angeles based producer, and roommate of Peekaboo, has a unique discography that contains a complex series of dangerous wubs. 

Now, Sully ups the ante with his wonky new single called “Duck Hummus.” The funky title comes from an inside joke between the producer and fans. To quote Sully, “Who doesn’t love hummus anyway?” The track pairs a nasty wobble to an iconic drop that surely will leave some fans speechless. Listen to the track now on Wakaan.

Sully – Duck Hummus

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