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Bob Moses explore the many sides of ‘Desire’ in brooding concept EP [STREAM]

Photo courtesy of Lucas.Mk.

Throughout summer, Vancouver-bred duo Bob Moses have been steadily releasing singles from their new concept EP. Starting with the title track with ZHU, “Desire,” and a month later with “The Blame,” they’ve slowly been exploring the theme of desire, a concept which came together after creating the EP’s title track with ZHU. Now the duo, comprised of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, have unveiled the full short player in all its brooding glory.

“We realized that all of the themes we were discussing were all about the different facets of desire as a concept, whether it can set you free, lead you to ruin, how you present a certain side of yourself in an effort to please others, how you interact with other people, your perception of other people, etc.,” says one-half of the duo, Tom Howie.

Over six continuously mixed tracks, the 8-track album flows gracefully from one song into the next and, according to the group, is “designed to be listened to from start to finish.” It’s meant to be a dissection and meditation on how desire unfolds in our psyches and influences our everyday actions. Certainly ambitious in its mission, Desire is a commanding work of art both in the project’s style and substance.

From the EP’s emotive opening track in “Love We Found” to the album’s sauntery mid-point track in “Outlier” all the way up until the expansive closing track, “The Blame,” listeners are confronted with a full range of emotions surrounding the notion of desire. The journey makes for a truly full-bodied listening experience that Bob Mosses lays out cleanly and meticulously. Throughout, Howie and Vallnce urge listeners to either sit back and meditate on the concept or put on their dancing shoes and get lost in the project’s intoxicating beats.

Bob Moses – The Blame

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