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Eleatics Records’ ‘Axioma Vol 2’ compilation is rethinking ancient theses through music

The mission of Eleatics Records has always been to bring quality sounds to the masses, without a strict genre definition or an expiration date on the tracks. The imprint’s most current compilation, Axioma Vol 2, is no different. The collection features nine tracks in total, all of which explore ancient theses and deep subjects.

With an eclectic mix of progressive, melodic house and techno, and indie dance, the compilation sounds coherent and unifying. Each contribution connects through the common thread of mythology, mellow tempos, and the overall concept of consciousness.

Featuring solo original music by The Organism, Space Motion, Khainz, and Ron Flatter, and collaborations between Justin Marchacos, Apir, and Yancy Wolfgang, and Who Else and ZAC, the entire compilation boasts unique sound designs and journey-like moods. Stand out tracks include “Calypso” by Massano, “The Invisible World” by Stereo Underground, and “Ancient Cellular” by Pete Oak.

Perfect for a late summer Sunday morning or an intimate at-home gathering with close friends, Axioma Vol 2 sets the perfect tone for meaningful conversations, reminiscing on ancient themes, or fruitful debates over genre and style. As stated on their website, “Eleatics is the label where the quality is the main mentor, deepness is the key and music doesn’t have boundaries.”

Axioma Vol. 2 is available for purchase on Beatport.

Eleatics Records – Axioma Vol. 2

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