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Ben Bohmer sunrise set in hot air balloon sprawling mountain landscapes

Watch Ben Böhmer’s CERCLE set aboard a hot air balloon in Turkey

Following the release of his highly-lauded Phases EP last month, Ben Böhmer has teamed up with Paris-based production company Cercle for an exceptional show aboard a hot air balloon. The sunrise set took place flying over Cappadocia, Turkey, a site that is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Böhmer played several exclusive tracks, including the song “Cappadocia,” produced especially for the occasion. The track will be released in a few weeks on the brand new label, Cercle Records. 

When he’s not working on music in his newly-built home studio, Böhmer currently occupies himself with games of chess and long walks through a nearby forest, living the quiet existence that we all have been reduced to, as we wait for the world to bloom again.

Watch Ben Böhmer’s Cercle sunrise set here.

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