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Au5 and Jeto enlist Cristina Soto on serene single, ‘Melt’

Au5 and Jeto have been friends for years, always gravitating towards one another through their similar sonic aesthetics for melodic bass music. At long last, the producers have teamed up to see what an official collaboration would sound like. “Melt” was conceptualized in 2017, with the majority of the collaborative process taking place over various Skype calls. Fast forward one year later, the two decided they wanted to recruit a vocalist to complete the track. Powerhouse Cristina Soto was one of the first to come to mind.

“Over the next couple years, taking long breaks, all while growing as artists, we decided to do an overhaul with a lot of the song structure — really feeling out what the song is calling for emotionally,” said Au5. “We finally settled on something we all love, which is now ‘Melt.'”

“Melt” is unrelentingly honest around the anxiety and weight of today’s world. Yet, in these dark moments, it emphasizes how connecting with a loved one, romantic or not, may bring peaceful euphoria. “For me, it was the simple joy of putting my daughter to bed at night when she was a baby,” shared Soto.

Soto’s heavenly siren call immediately immerses listeners within ethereal environments. Her passionate lyricism carries the song into a wave of melodic dubstep soundscapes. The anthem is emotional and empowering, proving this trio to be a powerful coalescence.

Au5, Jeto, & Christina Soto – Melt

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