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SpaceGeisha explores new bass alchemy under VEIL side project, releases two-track ‘Summon’ EP on Wakaan

Photo credit: @CapturedByGinny.

After showcasing her next-level sonic capabilities for years under her SpaceGeisha project, Becca Drylie-Perkins returns to showcase a whole new stunning array of bass alchemy prowess under her latest side-project. Donning herself as VEIL, Drylie-Perkins has recently “unveiled” her newest two-track offering, titled Summon, on Liquid Stranger’s esteemed imprint, Wakaan Records.

Featuring two half-time heavy-hitters, Veil’s Wakaan debut is set to prove to new listeners and long-time fans alike that her new production abilities fall perfectly in line with the Wakaan family. From otherworldly, experimental soundscapes to cutting-edge FM-synthesized bass frequencies, Drylie-Perkins not only showcases how she has mastered a new taste for sound design, but also that she can completely captivate a dancefloor. With support from artists like LSDREAM and Liquid Stranger, one would be gravely mistaken to overlook this fantastic piece of auditory storytelling.

Veil – Summon EP

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