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Hop aboard an extraterrestrial underground bass voyage to the cosmos with ‘WTF’s That Compilation Vol. 3’ [Album Review]

Grab a fork and knife, polish the fine China, and clear out all of the furniture in your living room. Because Wtf’s That Sound is back with a 10-course meal including some of the most mind-melting, floor stomping, “ET, phone home” bangers guaranteed to satiate everyone’s intergalactic bass cravings. 

Known for supplying fans with the wonkiest of dishes, this alien-infused record label is back again with their third rendition of WTF’s That Compilation, a composition of tracks meant to transport listeners to places beyond. The transporters involved in this most recent 10-song release contain a bevy of talented underground artists. All of whom contribute to the overall aesthetic of this space-age voyage. The following is a dive into the fabric and composition of some of the tracks released in the collection in focus, with links included for your inter-dimensional listening pleasure.


It’s hard to deny a Biggie smalls sample on any track. The progression of the song is teasing, as it seems to lure listeners in with each meter. As if the producer was flirtatiously leading them into an unexpected drop. Slowly and seductively pulling you into a steadfast hammer as hardcore and cutthroat as Christopher Wallace’s portrayal of Bed Stuy itself.

GDubz x Joneses – If Ya Got Love [OG]

Being met with an unexpected raddling bassline is always sure to provoke massive love for any song. And GDubz x Joneses do just that in their single, “If Ya Got Love,” with a mind rattling symphony of unexpected and thrashing pulse patterns that you can feel in the pit of your chest. During the intro, listeners ascend a stairway greased in snares and keys until an ominous bass line creeps out of nowhere and slaps the milkshake out of listeners’ hands with fat wubs dropping like baseball-sized hale. Enjoy. 

Joki – Pop Off

Belgian producer Joki is off to a rattling start as he ascends the stairway into electronic music. This recent release, with some old school flair, wrapped in levitating bass wobbles, is certainly invigorating. However, some fans might notice some underwhelming similarities featured between Joki’s drops. While the vocal samples are effortlessly infused, a little bit of variety between drops might add more color to the track. Nonetheless, Joki’s feature in WTF’s That Compilation Vol. 3 portrays his growing skills and commitment to his craft. Look for this rising producer to start making waves in the very near future.

Viskus X DVVP – Big Biscuit

VIskus and DVVP have baked up some “Big Biscuits” indeed in this high-paced slammer. This track introduces listeners with what one might imagine an interdimensional portal sounds like powering up. And the velocity infused adventure only grows from there. This duo almost immediately dives into an arsenal of headbanging, moshpit-inducing thrashers, one after another, that don’t slow down for one second. This is the kind of track you need to go and get a drink of water after with the intensity persistently oscillating throughout the track not ceasing even for a moment. This is a combo you’re definitely going to want to keep an eye and ear out for.

Brewzr – Checked

Fans might need to get “Checked” into a mental hospital after the mind rattling frequencies that Brewzr spews in his recent track “Checked” featured on Wtf’s That Sound. Wasting no time in this 3-minute song, Derek Brewer, AKA, Brewzr, leads listeners right into his temple of oscillating basslines, blood-pumping, and floor stomping drives that are sure to send any crowd into a frenzy. For sure one of the heaviest tracks on the compilation, Brewzr is sure to get the ground vibrating anytime this track comes on.

SIKLOK – Strange Life

In SIKLOK’s recent release “Strange Life,” listeners may feel an immediate nostalgia for Lost Lands given the bass-ridden and basement dub melodies that hum throughout the song. Relive the dinosaur infused festival with this blood-pumping banger. While the initial drops are sure to shake your apparatus they seem to be redundant throughout the song, leaving listeners with few surprises.

ZILLZ – Veins

Come meet a purveyor of wobbles who goes by the name of Zillz. With a collection of horror-inspired bass tracks in his discography, this summoner of the undead appears to be eliciting a certain message through his music – one of transportive melodies that could accompany a soundtrack for an alien abduction.

Cacophonic – Toy Lazer

Imagine stomping through a field of electric mud filled with radioactive legos that would radiate and produce bass vibrations through your boots. That’s a lot what this track feels like after just a minute into the song. With a joyful, and youthful touch included with the help of the audio samples of a boy shooting his toy gun, “Toy Lazer” is a banger that is sure to put a smile on your face and a stomp in your step.

Ickis – The Lemon Fables

Perhaps the most underrated, and most animated track of this compilation comes in the form of a fandom favorite, a climbing bass track featuring samples from Adventure Time, a fantasy animated track on Cartoon Network. The samples coordinate with the escalation of the track called, “The Lemon Fables,” flawlessly, adding an extra layer of strength and cosmic vigor to each drop and turn-around. Fans should certainly keep their eyes on this up and coming wubaholic in the near future.

ReQlaim – Back on That

When WTF’s That Sound put this ReQlaim track, “Back on Track,” as the outro for this space-infused compilation they knew exactly what they were doing. The listeners who choose to listen to the compilation in its entirety will see that it was an intergalactic narrative spun amongst these producers. All composed into a jet-fueled rocket that you can strap your headphones onto and launch into space with.

If you’ve never heard of one or more of these artists from this recent compilation, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for each and every one of them, especially the collective that is WTF’s That Sound who so graciously blessed us with these extraterrestrial hammers.

Various Artists – WTF’s That Compilation Vol. 3

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