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Reve Kalell’s ‘Glitch’ tears the fabric of genres, time, and metanarrative

Here at Conscious Electronic, we strive to showcase electronic music that elevates emotions, thoughts, and perception. Every once in a while, we happen across something so brazen that it shatters even our own expectations. “Glitch” by Reve Kalell rips apart the boundaries of genre constraint by composing a compelling metanarrative through the collision of hip-hop beats and rap lyrics with bouncy house and future bass elements. In the process, he shreds the fabric of space-time and shatters his listener’s expectations of

The track starts off with a conversation between two entities: one human, and an interdimensional traveler who calls themself “The Glitch.” Throughout the storyline, what unfolds in their discussion are some obvious latent truths about our current societal landscape in 2020. Just look to the stark motifs formed in Kalell’s lyrical work to see:

“Everything you know is a lie, everything you know is a vibe –

meaning everything is energy and everything is water –

from the granite in your counter to the sun in the sky.

They put a television in front of you and channel some lies,

they call it “program” ’cause they program your mind.

[They] try to keep you in line with this linear time,

don’t you humans understand you’re truly divine?”

Reve Kalell

Just as additional mysteries begin to unfold, the track has a sudden shift in direction and fans are given a house break that encourages dancing. The switch in mood clearly declares that we’re no longer thinking about anything “too controversial.” What’s apparent is that Reve Kalell has a clear understanding of the cultural environment that pervades western society while also tastefully composing a track that systematically challenges the musical expectations of his listeners. This thought-provoking metanarrative is intended to be a “wake-up call” for those willing to listen. Kalell does this while still respecting the self-efficacy of the listeners to take power into their own hands. What we love most about this track is how artistically composed this track has materialized; a lot of planning, thought and skilled execution went into this.

At the time of writing, the world is only eight days into 2021—and despite all the uncouth political theatrics and chaos we’re being forced to endure at the hands of a fragile government and a socioeconomic system in crisis—”Glitch” inspires hope and accountability through music. Kalell’s playful approach to music-making makes for one powerful creative process. One that encourages fans to not just listen and think for themselves, but to learn to not take things too seriously. So we’d be remised to not support the artists, tastemakers, and cultural influencers that encourage thinking rather than what to think. Listen below.

Reve Kalell – GLITCH

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