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‘Scrapped Version’ of ‘Avicii: True Stories’ leaked online with new behind-the-scenes footage


Unreleased footage of the Avicii: True Stories documentary surfaced online, offering new insight into the dance music prodigy’s life and career, including a deep dive into his writing process and health struggles.

Years after the tragic passing of a shining star and sensation in dance music, the legacy of Avicii remains alive as his archetypal dance anthems continue to exceed streaming milestones and reverberate throughout stadiums and clubs all over the world. In addition to his celebrated career forever marking a highlight in music history, the artist’s life is honored through the Tim Bergling Foundation, which advocates for mental health awareness and suicide prevention, as well as causes Bergling was passionate about like climate change, global hunger, and wildlife preservation. Now, unreleased behind-the-scenes material offers a new and, at times, dark perspective into the life of Avicii.

Expanding upon the official documentary titled Avicii: True Stories, which aired just six months prior to Bergling’s death in April 2018, a newly surfaced “scrapped version” offers unseen footage of the late legend via a fan-sourced YouTube channel named The Avicii Archives. While the original post has since been taken down citing copyright claims, the video remains online and available for viewing through alternate sources. Both versions of Avicii: True Stories offer eye-opening insight not only into the life of the young EDM visionary behind groundbreaking hits “Levels” and “Wake Me Up”, but into the plight of artists in the spotlight everywhere from years past as well as years to come.

The new cut distinguishes itself from the award-winning 2017 documentary with an inside look at Bergling’s life off-stage, diving deeper into his songwriting process as well as the often-overlooked downsides to mass success, including serious tolls on his physical and mental health. Notable moments include a pancreatitis-induced hospital room visit while Bergling decides whether he is physically fit to perform that night, dealing with the initial rejection of his now-iconic blues and country-infused 2013 Ultra Miami set, and other illustrated perils of performing six shows a week for years on end.

In every instance, the young star is burdened with the dilemma of prioritizing the vitality of his music career or his own physical and mental health, struggling to strike a balance amidst external pressure from his peers and his own introspective battles. Serving as a reminder of the sacrifices and consequences that come with monumental success, the documentary is a must-see for fans and aspiring musicians alike.

Avicii: True Stories (Scrapped Version)

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) has a toll-free number, 1-800-273-TALK(8255) and is available 24/7. Resources from the NSPL are available online, here.

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