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‘Avicii: True Stories’ is returning to Netflix

Earlier this year, the original Netflix documentary, Avicii: True Stories, was pulled from the internet waves due to the controversial nature of Avicii‘s death. Directed by Swedish filmmaker Levan Tsikurishvili, the film casted Tim Bergling in a bright light while also highlighting his health struggles on tour and the massive toll working in the music industry can take on one’s mental health.

The film became a hot button topic of discussion following the Swedish superstar’s alleged suicide and was decidedly pulled to protect the privacy of Bergling’s family. Now, following the recent consideration for Oscar contention, the documentary will return to Netflix on December 28.

Avicii: True Stories will debut in theaters at Los Angeles’ Laemmle Theatre, December 14-20, and at New York City’s Cinema Village, December 21-27.

Photo Credit: Sean Eriksson