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Resonant Language hits the coffin nail dead on the head with glitchy uptempo EP, ‘Gut Wrench’

If ever there were a project to make one miss the Tipper & Friends after hours, it’s Resonant Language‘s newest EP, Gut Wrench. Out now on his favorite label, Colony Productions. The sub.Mission artist‘s four-track project plays out exactly as its title suggests, so we couldn’t think of a more aptly-titled piece of work. A cross between squiggly, robotic glitch-hop and dark, experimental IDM, Resonant Language’s newest collection of tracks will punch listeners right in the gut if you’re not careful. Appropriately so, too, since this is the type of music that dancers need to go sideways for.

As purveyors of the underground bass scene, the writing staff at CE has long held that the Tipper event late nights is the place where the truly emergent underground lives. While the pandemic has all-but stopped Resonant Language from playing live and in-person, at least his growing cult fanbase has been held over by a few live stream performances hosted by The Rust Music, including Jade Cicada & Friends most recently, and an EP from his Bricksquash alias, released back in August.

While the Brickwash project leaned more Omni-tempo and highly experimental, Gut Wrench is a full-fledged foray into gut-wrenching glitch-hop. Laced with uptempo around every corner, highly computerized synth work, squishy bass lines to boot, and all-around mind-bending sound design, this EP is IDM at it’s finest. That is, completely uncategorizable, completely unpredictable, and completely uncharted.

From the ominous opener in “Squeaky Shoes,” bass aficionados know from the outset the journey is going to a heavily glitched-out deep dive. From the title track’s deliciously heavy bass swimming in warped wet tones to the grinding basslines and vinyl-scratched analog synths on “F.D.A.T,” to the chiller rush of lo-fi-tinged layers on “Lunge” as Resonant Language closes things out nicely, Gut Wrench will not disappoint. The only downside is that the EP isn’t longer.

Resonant Language also says he’s got an ambient/IDM album is in the works, during which time he will be hosting bi-weekly sound design streams on his Twitch channel. Until then, fans can catch him at random times while he’s working on the project.

Resonant Language – Gut Wrench EP

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