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Flux Pavilion shocks fans on Twitter, announces he’s ditching dubstep

It turns out the iconic “I Can’t Stop” hitmaker can stop after all- making dubstep, that is.

The new year marks the end of an era for a dubstep pioneer, Flux Pavilion, perhaps to the dismay of many fans and dub heads who have raged to the UK artist’s repertoire of headbang-worthy drops for the last decade. Joshua Steele, the 31-year old man behind the moniker, has built a career on his hefty dubstep anthems. So Steele has caused quite a ruckus in the Twitter-sphere with his announcement of a musical change of heart. When prompted to expand on his reasonings, Steele divulged that his interests simply no longer align with dubstep after 10 years of trailblazing the genre.

Fans who have been following Steele’s career closely over the past few months might not be so surprised, however. His recent material has been a far cry from his heavy-hitting bangers from dubstep’s heyday in 2011, such as “I Can’t Stop” and “Bass Cannon”, both released on Flux Pavilion and Doctor P‘s label, Circus Records.

Faring lighter on the bass and showcasing the recruited singer-songwriters, his last couple singles “You and I” ft. KATA KOZMA and “I Believe” ft. Asha have exposed a whole new side of the former dubstep king. The new tracks set the stage for his upcoming LP titled .wav due to drop January 21st, which will be his first full-length project since the release of Tesla in 2015.

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