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New 30-minute mix from Josh Teed is a deep dive into his forthcoming unreleased projects

For a couple of weeks now, Josh Teed has been giving hints to friends that something big was in the works. Now, the Taiga Collective founder has delivered by releasing a 30-minute mix of unreleased music on his SoundCloud. Teed has announced both an impending EP and LP in the near future featuring these and other tracks. The range and influences of contrasting but balanced styles of music compliments the entire mix:

“Living for a year in Vietnam really influenced my music, and I think listeners will hear a lot of that in this mix. It was a really important time in my life on a number of different levels”

Josh Teed

Having grown up Buddhist, Josh has been familiar with Eastern philosophies, and how inward reflection and meditation can enhance a balanced life, but the year he spent both in the cities of Vietnam, and the country-side, deepened his understanding of manifesting that spirit. Music is one of those avenues that Josh has utilized to express his beliefs.

The mix starts with two tracks that will make it onto his Soul Element EP. The first, “Power Surge,” showcases Josh Teed’s ability to casually vacillate between deep, bassy wubs and delicate Eastern-infused melodies, often through his use of his signature violin. This constant flux and variation are wonderfully interwoven into many of the selections on the mix, which will comprise some of a full-length album in a few months. 

In addition to producing bass music, Josh is also the founder of the Taiga Collective, which offers a platform for up-and-coming producers to showcase their work. The collective unites through a mission to push “natural, melodic and world sounds, intertwined with heavy bass.”

Listen to the mix below:

Josh Teed – 2021 Unreleased Mix

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