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Heaven Sent bosses SLANDER, Au5, shYbeast, & PLYA take fans ‘Anywhere’ on budding new joint

Fans have been frantically awaiting the release of “Anywhere,” since the moment dance music titans SLANDER uploaded a clip of them road-testing the song in Taiwan during one of the rare festival sets taking place in November of last year. While the ID was tucked away been in their back pocket in the months that followed, the Heaven Sent label-bosses didn’t exactly leave everyone high and dry. In the lead up to “Anywhere.” The duo signed Au5’s “The Way To Infinity” to their imprint at the top of 2021, a bass-heavy solo issue paving the way for this new masterpiece. So naturally, the artists would be drawn to working together and those connections now see the light of day on the track’s wide release, which features shYbeast and PLYA.

On “Anywhere,” they create a holy union of talent via a massive four-way collaborative release that ropes in melodic genius Au5, the rock-meets-electronic sensation shYbeast, and the UK’s dreamy three-piece band PLYA. At risk of sounding too cliche, it’s a match made in heaven. The creativity from these brilliant minds stacked up together is enough to be deemed supernatural, and yet they somehow manage to find the perfect sweet spot sitting between their respective artistic expressions.

Clocking in at an eye-tearing nearly five-minute run, the massive anthem soars into an emotive amalgamation of mellifluous synth swells, robust drum programming, sparkling arpeggiations, celestial padlines, and resounding vocals that land with a vulnerable confidence. In the closing section, the message is hammered home through a glitchy melodic dubstep climax that will fill the hearts of festivalgoers the world over. 

SLANDER & Au5 – ANYWHERE ft. shYbeast and PLYA


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