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Tsuruda’s striking fourth studio album ‘Siege’ is an instant classic

Genre-bending mastermind Thomas Tsuruda continues to push the boundaries of bass music with an intricate sound design inspired by everything from hip-hop to jazz. His eclectic sound has caught the ears of fans and industry giants alike, earning him coveted spots on high-powered tour lineups as well as collaborations with powerhouses like Mr. Carmack and Alix Perez. An absolutely prolific artist, Tsuruda has a myriad of projects under his belt. With self-released projects like RIP, Madness, and Raw Flavor to full-length studio albums like Move, and Unlimited Data under his belt, Tsuruda’s ability to consistently create hits is unmatched.

Siege serves up his signature experimental style piping hot with 11 unique tracks that showcase his massive skillset and dynamic range. Tsuruda’s knack for manipulating hip-hop beats into sound system bangers takes center stage with bass-heavy tracks “spicy bois rained out,” “q-edits #2,” and “yacht haven grande,” to name a few. He quickly switches the vibe up and serves listeners murder mystery realness with “delivery,” an eerie track that makes us feel a little bit like Sherlock Holmes with killer background music. Rounding out the track selection is “save brooklyn” a gentle jazzy track that transports you to a rainy day in New Orleans and, finally, “clout withdrawals” an experimental head knocker packed full of bass.

Siege is an epic ride from start to finish that definitely deserves a listen… or five. Stream the full project now.

Tsuruda – Siege

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