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Apashe and friends stun the masses on colossal 28-track ‘Renaissance’ remix LP

It has long been impossible to associate Apashe‘s music with a single genre. As both a composer and a producer, the Brussels-born artist effortlessly blended the two mediums to create mind-shattering masterpieces. Apashe, whose full name is John De Buck, entered into the electronic scene in 2012 with his debut EP, Contamination, and has been meticulously developing his intoxicating and distinct sound ever since. While his music has been featured by the likes of Apple TV and EA Sports, as well as gracing the iTunes Top 3, there is no doubt that the best is yet to come.

In honor of the upcoming year anniversary of the release of Renaissance, Apashe now re-delivers the acclaimed LP and he’s packed it out with remixes that touch on almost every genre. Boasting a colossal 28 tracks, there is no shortage of talent to be found on Renaissance, (Remixes). From KOAN Sound and Kai Wachi to Riot Ten and IMANU, there’s no shortage of stand-out remixes on the extended album. Oklahoma City native TYNAN’s reinterpretation of “Lord & Master” features an onslaught of hefty, in-your-face bass, as well as a propelling drum-and-bass beat that effortlessly drives the listener throughout its nearly three-and-a-half-minute runtime. DJ/production trio Gentlemens Club offer a groovy take on the same track, replete with infectious four-on-the-floor bass house from start to finish.

Two Fingers, also widely known as Amon Tobin, provides a ruthlessly fierce rendition of “Uebok,” setting forth a sonically intense endeavor rife with an energy that doesn’t let up. Croatian powerhouse Matroda follows with his take on “Good News,” turning the brooding original source material into a certified tech house rinser. Then of course there’s Apashe’s own VIP remix of “Uebok,” a drum and bass opus that lends itself well to Instasamka’s propulsively driving vocals, along with a unique music video edit featuring animated bears. 

Finding himself tired of the path that electronic music was taking, Apashe set out to revitalize not only his interest in producing but the scene as a whole with his 13-track album, Renaissance. Sparing no expense to bring his vision to life, the visionary artist traveled all the way to Prague to record with a 69 piece orchestra, solidifying that this album would be the first of its kind. Fusing everything from hip-hop to classic, Renaissance encapsulates the euphoric sense of the dawn of a new age through sound. Proving to be the perfect companion to the original album, these remixes all tell their own artistic stories and earn a respective spot in the Apashe discography.

Apashe- Renaissance (Remixes)

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