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VCTRE drops a collab-heavy mix of unreleased IDs

Photo credit: Incendia Experience.

About a year ago, VCTRE dropped a 30-minute mix called “Neoteric Waves” that showcased the young producer’s talent for utilizing subtle transitions through a variety of dubs and styles of bass music. Now, in what seems to be a deep-of-winter annual, the Alabama-based producer who is otherwise known as Aaron Pugh has released “Esoteric Tides,” a packed ID fest of unreleased collaborative projects that dips and weaves its way eclectically through a bass music smorgasbord of inspiring producers.

The tracklist for the mix reads more like an artist announcement release for a mid-size festival than a mixtape, including underground legends like CharlestheFirst, Of The Trees, Minnesota, Pluto Era, and EAZYBAKED, as well as Integrate, a Black Carl! X VCTRE side project. As might be expected from the diversity of styles represented through such a collaboration list, the mix itself is a tour of wubby and dank percussions, deep bass, subtle yet attention-grabbing vocals, progressive melodies sometimes softly arranged through strings, and seamless transitions. Considering that the tracklist has 16 spots yet is only 30 minutes long, it might be VCTRE’s transitioning that is the most compelling evidence of his genius.

Interestingly, while a neoteric person would be one who advocates and looks for new ideas, an esoteric construct is one that is to be understood and in the interest of a small number of people. Throwing last year’s offering then into this same mix, we find in the description an apt thematic approach to the bass experience — a new, authentic and fresh experience that is truly only understood and fully appreciated by a few. At the risk of sounding exclusionary, the bass music experience, for those that have taken the leap into the culture, is truly a neoteric and esoteric event! Want to see how? Take a listen below!

VCTRE – Esoteric Tides


Mirror Maze x sumthin sumthin x VCTRE – ID
Charlesthefirst & VCTRE – ID
Integrate – ID
Integrate – ID
Bricksquash – Skreet Force One (Integrate Remix)
Of The Trees & VCTRE – ID
Minnesota & VCTRE – ID
VCTRE – Duck Arm
VCTRE & Pluto Era – ID
Integrate – Enter the Mirage (VIP)
VCTRE – Paralyzed (Molokai Remix)
Frij & VCTRE – ID

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