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Dive deep into Viskus and Chauk’s latest bass offering, ‘Hidden,’ via Wubaholics [PREMIERE]

Viskus, a CE favorite, is back with Chauk to release a new track, “Hidden,” via Wuboholics. This number is just a piece of an exemplary EP, Speleology, that dives into unheard of musical frontiers in sound design and story telling. For those not yet familiar, Viskus has caused waves through the bass community in recent years, with stellar releases under labels like Subcarbon, Wormhole, Spicy Bois, Eclectic Imprint, and now Wuboholics. His collaborations with artists including MeSo, Space Wizard, Super Future, Ravenscoon, and Leet have proven Viskus to be an artist that’s hard to ignore, and his most recent release is a step towards pushing the boundaries and norms of bass music into unusual and sometimes alien terrain.

Speleology tells the story of a team of five unsuspecting explorers who are taken on a wild and eerie adventure,” Viskus wrote while describing the EP. “The natives of the Southwestern deserts shared stories of caves and the mystical powers that they possessed, but the explorers—being people of science and objectivity—had not taken those stories seriously. As you listen to the music and read further into the story, the uncanny truth of this exploration will unravel and you will come to understand the mystical experience that forever changed the lives of these explorers.”

Viskus has teamed up with Chauk for “Hidden,” and Conscious Electronic is proud to showcase it as a personal favorite of ours. A strong merger between experimental bass, glitch, and midtempo, this deliciously dark and rich track is aimed to stimulate listeners deep into their ear canals. We’re thrilled to go on this exploration with Viskus, and can’t wait to see more from him in the future as he makes his way into underground bass fame.

Chauk & Viskus – Hidden

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