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Marking her Grativas homecoming, CloZee curates her favorites for ‘Emergence’ artist compilation

In 2013, a young and talented producer named Chloé Herry from France sent Gravitas Recordings an entry to a remix contest for Mr. Bill’s “Cheya.” Winning second place in the competition served to introduce CloZee to the people at Gravitas, and the relationship has blossomed into a storied career. Under the Gravitas umbrella, CloZee released three records, Revolution, Harmony, and Evasion in addition to working in countless EP projects, compilations, and tour appearances under the Austin-based imprint. Now, while CloZee begins a new adventure with her very own Odyzey Music, she returns home to Gravitas to give fans a curated LP, Emergence.

The 12-tracker features newly-emerging artists in the bass realm, alongside some long-established ones, all of whom come together to symbolize the “beauty of collective” through hopeful music. When curating the Emergence narrative, CloZee’s ear reveals a taste and mood that feels not only blissful but also witty, inventive, and wildly empowering—often all at once. Like a top chef taking inspiration and flavor from foods they enjoy, so CloZee gives us the music that feeds her soul.

While some of the producers that Herry cherry-picked for the compilation may be all-too-familiar for CloZee fans, there are sure to be a few new finds… perhaps serving as a reminder of a part of how the festival experience can be experienced. When taken as a whole, the project is audaciously unifying. CloZee confidants like An-Ten-Nae, Lil’ FIsh, and Esseks crafted a few fork-in-the-road singles that intersect at the point where worldly sounds meet bass-fueled reverb. HABITAAT provides a house-break, while up-and-coming bass maven NotLö (who has been recently signed to Odyzey) offers a pensive and haunting track that features meandering strings over a thick bass line.

Throughout the compilation journey, the intuitive listener is sure to feel the connection from the contributors that creates the feeling of being a part of the Emergence collective. For this Gravitas gang, the listener is the integral connective piece that connects the creators’ vulnerable shared experiences to their particular flavor of music.

Art, by any medium, must be enjoyed through the senses. By proxy, artists are often thought to possess special sensory gifts to locate the universal magic to be found in music and translate those notes and rhythms for the masses. In doing so, the very process uncovers the bliss buried inside all of us. It is her ear, mixed with her eclectic musical taste, that leads Herry to so gorgeously compose her adventurous, imaginative, and often-wordless stories.

Take your taste below, and keep your calendar cleared for the live stream Saturday, February 27! 

Emergence – Curated by CloZee

Track List:

  1. Dreamers Delight – Galactic Ambassador
  2. Esseks – Ellie’s Nap
  3. Fakear – Sanctuary
  4. Habitaat – Down For It
  5. capshun & Floret Loret – Wisteria
  6. Lil Fish – Yours
  7. Skysia – Kailasa
  8. An-Ten-Nae – The Source (Jaguar Edition)
  9. Ahee & Morillo – Jungle Groove feat. Evan Fraser
  10. Dysphemic Fire – Breather feat. Yiani Treweeke
  11. NotLö – Abysmal
  12. nok nok – Dragonfly
  13. Orenda – Virah
  14. Bass Temple – Let’s Do This
  15. Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz – Fall of Nature

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