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AVELLO and Josh Teed’s ‘Reincarnate’ will ignite the mind and shutter the soul

If music is the gateway and bass truly feeds the soul, then AVELLO and Josh Teed‘s newest collaborative single is the key to that door into the ethereal. Along the way, the two unlock some pretty heavy sonics and low frequencies that bring on the deep shutters and squinty bass face. The single is titled “Reincarnate” and it’s out now on Mean Mug Music.

The two prove themselves the perfect pairing on “Reincarnate,” a three-minute journey that begins with an omniscient female vocal leading listeners into the track’s first deleterious drop. Here, we’re met with studdering synths, heavy reverbs, and mixing that leaves you unable to resist that filthy bass face snarl. The rest is an exercise in cutting-edge experimental bass, a true sound hallmark of the Mean Mug family.

“So I usually make melodic, Instrumental music. Me and Adam kinda did the opposite of that ‘Reincarnate’ is DEFINITELY the heaviest tune I’ve ever dropped, and it’s officially live today with the Mean Mug Music fam!”

Josh Teed

We’ve been following the Taiga Collective founder for some time, but AVELLO is a name that is all too new to many. Mean Mug fans have to be excited for what is to come as the imprint continually nails the next and brightest in underground bass, time and again. Listen to “Reincarnate” now.

AVELLO & Josh Teed – Reincarnate

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