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Ahee shows us the light within the dark on “Darkside” via Play Me Records

Have you noticed yourself slip away since quarantine started? The excitement of seeing show and festival announcements has created a glimmer of hope for all of us, and today AHEE‘s “Darkside” conveys the complexities and uncertainties of life through a melody-driven track that guides listeners from galaxies into dance floors. During these times we’ve had plenty of time to think and to see things openly, but there’s a certain mystery and flair to what can only happen in the dark. “Darkside” aims to be a playful rediscovery of the music scene and the nightlife that surrounds it, inspiring excitement, giddiness and an almost childlike curiosity.

“The intention for “Darkside” came from exploring the idea of letting out our inner desires and celebrating the side of ourselves that we hide away. Ahee tapped into a whole other world with his production, and it blew me away so that really inspired the lyrics; He let out this beast on the track, and so conceptually and musically everything became aligned. Everybody has a dark side to themselves, the one that you shadow from the outside world and sometimes that’s where the fire in us is held. Our deepest thoughts, our strangest tendencies, our intimate secrets. When we let go and allow all of our colours to show, that’s when we really connect as humans on a stronger level and the feeling is liberating. That’s what “Darkside” is about.”


From Aleesia’s empowering soul-filled vocal runs to AHEE’s deadly bass drop combinations, this track is sure to move your soul as much as the dance floor. Blending Drum and Bass structures, Dubstep sound design, sauntering breaks, and ethereal melodies, AHEE and Aleesia have crafted an instant staple within the EDM world.

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