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Desert Dwellers draw from global electronica scene in remix collection of ‘One Giant Consciousness’

During the summer of 2020, Trevor Moontribe and Amani Friend released “One Giant Consciousness.” The track was a companion to and celebration of Fantastic Fungi, a documentary film that features the work and ideas of mycologist Paul Stamets. Now, as a reminder of the themes presented in the film, the duo known more widely as Desert Dwellers has released six remixes from varying producers in the global electronica scene that serve themselves up as an invitation into discovery and healing.

Clocking in at five tracks, the remixes echo Dwellers’ ability to create soothing basslines and mesmerizing atmospheres of deep psychedelic music that evoke moods of dance and play. Desert Trax mainstays Gumi and Tylepathy, along with Equanimous, Skysia, Hibernation, and Nanosphere, all bring their reimaginations of the track to the forefront. Each one is ripe with uniqueness, dripping with deeper meaning, and themselves a portal way into different layers of self-awareness.

From the lecture soundbites of acclaimed mycologist Paul Stamets to the use of eclectic sounds and unique world instruments, or the deep reverberating synths that create a sense of interconnection between the music and the wonder of mother earth, all of the remixers’ contributions work to expand the world that Desert Dwellers is seeking to build through their label, Desert Trax.

Sometimes, music can be an invitation to knowledge and understanding— a pathway in which to gain a wider and deeper comprehension of the world we live in. Like Stamet’s life work, the film illustrates the mostly-undiscovered world of fungi, its incredibly important role in the development of life on earth, and what the study of mycology is contributing to the world of ideas as well as our place as humans on earth. It is in the naturally symbiotic relationships that fungi create with life that leads to the foregone conclusion that “One Giant Consciousness” contains within it a profound truth.

Desert Dwellers – One Giant Consciousness ft. Paul Stamets

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