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Conscious Electronic is hiring!

Are you an “EDM” enthusiast who constantly scours the blogs for new music? But are you tired of reading TMZ-style news posts with little to no substance? Then you may have what it takes to write for Conscious Electronic. Our goal is to change the way dance music enthusiasts go about consuming media.

We’re rapidly growing and are currently seeking writers from all over the world, along with photographers and videographers in major US music markets (Miami, Las Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles). If you think you’re ready to dive into the world of music media, and to make a lot of industry connections in the process, then check out the job responsibilities below and see what might be a good fit for you!

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Job Description – Staff Writer

Time expectation: approx. 3-5 hours/week

    • Develop and manage relationships with publicists, labels, artists, and industry professionals
    • Maintain strong channels of communication both internally and externally
    • Develop strong, hands-on communication with writing/editorial/social staff to facilitate the daily production of content
    • Strong writing background with the ability to quickly turnaround news posts
    • Ability to write in an informed professional/authoritative voice
    • Affinity for electronic dance music and culture; must have your finger on the pulse for rising talent.
    • Execute both short- and long-form pieces from pitch to print
    • Meet minimum weekly/monthly writing requirements (3-5 posts/week)
    • Demonstrated ability to meet tight deadlines
    • Knowledge of APA style citations is a plus!!
    • Journalism/music industry background preferred
    • Stay on top of current news (RSS feeds, social media, email)
    • Keen eye for brand-fitting news stories in tech, business, and other industry sectors
    • Weekend availability is a must

Job Description – Managing Editor

    • Develop and manage relationships with publicists, labels, artists, managers, and industry professionals
    • Send out daily digest content emails to writers
    • Motivate writers and address corrective writing/formatting errors in WordPress, e.g. grammar/language, SEO, in-text tagging, categories, excerpts, etc.
    • Respond to team members’ requests for festival/tour coverage
    • Apply to festivals for media partnerships and proposed coverage
    • Prior dance music industry is a must!
    • Help to maintain one strong editorial voice across the website
    • Assign feature pieces and approve pitched stories
    • Check the WordPress queue daily for pending posts, edit pieces to ensure they are being written in a voice that has the CE mission/values at heart
    • Head up a weekly feature series on the website (e.g. Midweek Mantra Mix, The Friday Wrangler, Rising Bass Spotlight, Remix Radar, etc.)
    • Stay on top of current and breaking news to curate content for daily digest

Job Description – Music Curator

Time expectation: approx. 2 hours / day


  • Be on the edge of EDM trends and know marketing strategies to give artists an edge.
  • Cultivate a music network to be able to screen records exclusively ahead of release.
  • Scout emerging and underground talent and reach out to artist/management to open a line of communication.
  • Act as a voice of CE across all our audio channels; liaison between managers and fans, artists, management, and promoters 
  • Maintain the ethos of CE’s mission in all external communications & fan engagement
  • Be a bridge builder: Possess a deep love for sharing music far and wide.
  • Responsible for curating and maintaining CE’s SoundCloud / Spotify playlists, reposts, uploads, etc.


  • Daily: 
    • Check music@consciouselectronic.com for submissions
      • Field song submissions from press releases, independent artists, record labels, etc.
      • flag an editor for potential tracks to pick up as Premieres or Exclusives.
    • Engage, comment, and like SoundCloud and Spotify releases aligned with CE’s brand. Only share newer (less than two weeks) releases
    • Respond to all fan engagement and message inquiries in a timely manner
  • Weekly: 
    • Meet with editorial & label managerial staff to run through music submissions.
    • Work with respective editors to update Midweek Mantra Mix (M3) on Wednesdays & Friday Wrangler on “New Music Friday.”
  • Monthly:
    • Update Remix Radar track once the blog post is published at the end of every month.
    • Regularly pitch new playlist ideas and themes, and work with writing staff, graphics, music staff to move them conception to published playlist/blog post.


  • Read the blog hourly, share/repost any new music through our Digital Service Platforms (DSPs).
  • Stay on top upcoming releases; know what’s coming down the pipelines ahead of time.

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