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DH founder Mikey Lion shares music video for Lubelski and Jackson Englund-assisted ‘When I’m With You’ [WATCH]

“When I’m With You” has been one of Mikey Lions‘ most prized weapons in his live sets for almost a year. Crafted alongside Lubelski and featuring the vocals of Jackson Englund, the track was inspired by those “moments with the ones we love most,” according to Lion. As the third single to his upcoming EP, For The Love, the Desert Hearts co-founder now releases the official music video for “When I’m With You,” which Lion says he marks his first-ever video production effort.

“I wanted to go big with this one and make a trippy music video for everyone to enjoy. This is the first music video I’ve ever produced and I can’t tell you how happy I am with how it came out. I have a whole new appreciation for everyone who works in media because making a dope music video is way harder than I imagined.”

– Mikey Lion

This track is our ode to our loved ones and the people that make us feel something special. “This one’s dedicated to all the lovers out there and I hope it resonates with you,” continues Lion. If nothing else, this kind of thinking certainly resonates with the energy of the Desert Hearts family.

With a colorful, dreamy aesthetic marked by stark saturation, soft filters, psychedelic, color-changing tones, and starring vocalist Englund, the entire look of “When I’m With You” not only works to highlight the love-struck vibe of the original track. It also bolsters the overall theme of Lions’ forthcoming LP, which he’s said elsewhere, “has been eight years in the making ever since we threw our very first Desert Hearts party back in 2012. It’s a culmination of everything that I’ve learned, felt, and believed in over the years.

Watch the full music video now.

Mikey Lion, Lubelski, Jackson Englund – When I’m With You (Official Music Video)

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