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Smigonaut releases transcendent EP, ‘New Escape’

A native to the up-and-coming bass community out of Seattle, Washington, Josh Kipersztok has spent the last decade entrancing listeners with his unique blend of left-field neuro bass and familiar jazzy beats through his project, Smigonaut. With collaborations with bass music maestro, Jade Cicada, and fellow Boston resident, DeeZ, on their side project, DeeZNauts, Smigonaut has quickly become a mainstay on left-field bass labels including Street Ritual, The Rust, and many more.

His latest project, New Escape, marks Smigonaut’s largest solo release since his 2018 masterpiece, Constructs. Despite only being a few years apart, its quite amazing to see how much Kipersztok has grown, as New Escape manages to effectively tickle all regions of the sonic spectrum.

The release begins with “Council of One,” an ethereal, uptempo track in classic Smigonaut style, blending clean breaks with his trademark swing and tasteful neuro basses. This tune manages to simultaneously highlight Kiperstztok’s ever-growing proficiency of bass design, while reminding listeners why we have grown to love his unique style.

This track is succeeded by “Fidget Cube,” a gritty, heavier song incorporating scratches from turntable legend and Pretty Lights band member, Chris Karns. Consisting of a seamless back and forth between a growling bass-line and Karns’ unparalleled turntable abilities, this track is one sure to be left on repeat.

The project concludes with the title track, “New Escape,” a celestial and delicate tune complemented by a groovy, swing beat and mesmerizing textures. Despite the contrasting styles, this tune serves as an effective conclusion to this eclectic, yet cohesive release. This project is available on all streaming platforms and is guaranteed to leave fans of all musical preferences satisfied and eagerly awaiting more.

Smigonaut – New Escape EP

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