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G-Space forges into unknown territory on new nine-track LP, ‘The Path of Least Resistance’

Every year, G-Space releases a brand new album on his birthday, and every year he shoots and scores. The CE Artist to Watch, who has played keys since his infancy, has created his own distinct sound on these projects that graze across multiple genres, including world, funk, jazz, trap, glitch, and bass. Now, in annual fashion, G-Space has returned to share his latest full-length album, The Path of Least Resistance, and the sound is quite like nothing fans have ever heard before of the artist.

Marking the first release on his own imprint, Iceberg Productions, G-Space’s The Path of Least Resistance embraces full-on unbridled experimentation, both genre- and time-and-space portal-hopping, and a completely new and unique flair unlike anything yet heard before from his usual sound wheelhouse. At times indie and eclectic in its style, while at others ambient alt-rock or vocal-led punk, G-Space has completely stunned us on the nine-track project. Not matter what, though, the kitschy collections of records are always undergirded by his roundhouse bass lines.

With guest features from Tiedye KyRuku, Miss Tiddy, Uncle Mike, and more, G-Space demands a full-through listen on this album in order to fully see the larger picture that develops around The Path of Least Resistance— both thematically and stylistically. “The album is about following your heart,” he says, “it is the path of least resistance. That is when magical synchronicities start to happen in your life, because the universe begins to flow through you. It will put you exactly where you need to be, and you will meet the people you are supposed to.” He continues,

“The universe always flows in the path of least resistance, you can see evidence of this in nature, animals, outer space, and everything. I hope this album can inspire you to follow your dreams. The hardest part about following your dreams is staying optimistic through the failures. If your intentions are pure though all you need to do is remember why you are doing this. Follow your why, persistence is key.

– G-Space

Not only does he play on multiple instruments on the album, and create an amazing electronic sound design to match, G-Space turns heavily to vocals on the LP (which itself is a move designated to artistic concept album). Just look to the acid rap number, “Lucy Drippin” with Ruku and Miss Tiddy, or more indie/emo-leaning lo-fi-tinged tune, “Oh Years Ago,” to see the prevalence of lyrics and/or spoken word on the album.

Whether it’s more somber tunes, like the acoustic guitar-led “I Been Depressed” and the harmonica-driven “Are You Reminded,” or the glitchy wubs on bass weapons like “G-Shuffle,” or even more alternative numbers like “Differences and “The Road is So Cold,” the entire album is a completely refreshing turn out of left-field for all G-Space listeners and fans. Stream the full LP now.

G-Space – The Path of Least Resistance LP

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