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Cold Case

Champagne Drip and G-REX are a pair of criminal masterminds on new Wakaan collaboration, ‘Cold Case’

Another insane Wakaan collaboration has re-surfaced from Liquid Stranger‘s infamous Infinity album tour, further proving that the label boss’ tour was a beacon of heavy, left-field collaboration. Given it’s absolutely uncanny supporting line-up, only time will tell as to the number of bass anthems that will sprout from the 2019 road tour. But, for now, all eyes are on Champagne Drip and G-REX as they bring “Cold Case” to the forefront of the bass world’s release radar.

Los Angeles-based producer Sam Pool, aka Champagne Drip, was born out of a philosophy that innovation springs from inspiration. The same goes for Detroit native G-REX (real name: Jake Sweeney) who began producing in 2015 out of his bedroom. After joining each other on the road, the two began putting their heads together on a collaboration that was made for the main stage.

“We both were having the time of our lives on our first bus tour with the Wakaan fam so we just had fun with it and it came together super fast,” says G-REX, who brought the Wakaan family his Requiem EP two years ago. Champagne Drip elaborates this sentiment in a press statement:

“‘Cold Case’ was started while I was on tour with G-Rex a couple of years ago. We tested out early versions at many events while fine tuning and solidifying it. The final product is the result of a developed friendship and live crowd feedback.”

– Champagne Drip

Littered with apocalyptic builds, verbose sound, and filthy drops that come quite literally out of left-field, “Cold Case” is sure to be one of the Wakaan family’s most-played hype anthems this year. Listen to the track now via Wakaan Records.

Champagne Drip & G-REX – Cold Case

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