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G-Space uploads off-kilter mix full of unreleased hidden gems from 2013, ‘Mothership Sessions Vol. 20’

Photo credit: @trejusticemusic/Facebook.

Becoming quite the bastion of versatility, as evidence by his newest nine-track album delivered last month, G-Space further showcases his range on a new mixtape upload to his SoundCloud page. Arriving as the 20th installment to his mixtape series, Mothership Sessions, the CE Artist to Watch digs deep into his vault of unreleased music for an hour-long, ID-filled locomotive ride through ecclectic world genres, light-hearted funk and jazz, and trippy bass sounds. G-Space said the following of the mix:

“all of these are unreleased IDs I found in an old folder on my laptop the other day! <3 the last song is released tho, it’s called “The Happy Song” by G-Space. Keep choosing love every moment, thanks for listening <3 Your support keeps me going.”

– G-Space

The result is a full-filled nostalgic trip down memory lane as he experiments, plays around with his catalogue, and clearly has the time of his life every step of the way. The only let-down is not having a tracklist, but that’s also half the fun. Listen to the entirely out-of-the-box, off-kilter mix below.

G-Space – Mothership Sessions Vol. 20

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