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Mfinity reminds us to live right ‘Here’ in the moment with new track ahead of debut EP, ‘Moments’ [PREMIERE]

Over the last decade, electronic music has shifted in countless, memorable ways. Many new faces have entered the fray and have set their eyes on curating unique experiences within the sonic universe of electronic music. Artists belonging to this new wave of talented producers are creating tantalizing adventures with storytelling as the main recipe of these musical escapades. Among these are Nick Neeley, the ambitious mind behind the Mfinity project.

Following his latest release “Celebration of Life (Reimagined)” earlier this year, Mfinity returns to showcase a delightful breath of fresh air to electronic music fans across the globe. With support from our dear friends at High Vibe Records, Neeley aims to tell a unique narrative with this next chapter for Mfinity. Premiering his latest track, “Here,” on CE ahead of his debut EP, Moments, landing on July 13, we could not be more excited to support such forward-thinking soundscapes. We got the opportunity to sit down with the man himself who had some words to say about his creative direction with this new release:

“This track focused on conveying more emotion compared to my other releases. I feel like with every track I create I am learning more and more, whether it be mix-wise or different writing techniques. I was inspired to write this track after learning a lot about myself this year and realizing that life is so much better when you live in the moment.  I always struggled with taking certain things for granted and this past year has taught me to stop and smell the roses and enjoy every second I get on this earth.”


Drawing inspiration from artists such as Charlesthefirst and CloZee, Neeley has curated a unique sound that aims to satisfy a multitude of audible appetites. With an ever-evolving pallet of musical inspirations and unique tastes, he has proven once again that he will be a staple in electronic music culture for years to come. From atmospheric melodies to sub-focused liquid D&B-inspired basslines, Neeley places intention at the forefront of this next track, and his sound echos this sentiment exquisitely.

Interestingly enough, Neeley has garnered support from key players in the music industry such as Supertask, who recently played out his mashup at Charlesthefirst’s curated event in Cheyenne, Wyoming this past weekend; A feat that is particularly unique for such a young project in the industry.

The track begins by introducing the listener to an array of wind-swept chimes and foley textures, followed by fluttery synth and piano melodies that instantly welcome you into Mfinity’s world with open arms. Focusing on emotional chord progressions that dance across tight drum grooves, slowly leading the listener through a forest of natural sounds and organic tones, this track is first and foremost an experience above all else; and Neeley runs with this concept beautifully.

All in all, this new chapter of the Mfinity project seems to evoke a feeling of being at home within the listener. Dripping in nostalgia and saturated with aural delight, we at Conscious Electronic could not be more excited to support this release. Be sure to catch Mfinity at Big Dub Music Festival this year as he prepares for Mfinity’s first live music experience to be debuted in the U.S.

Listen below and join us on a truly blissful adventure.

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