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Seven Lions delivers gorgeous new ID inside Denver’s Mission Ballroom [WATCH]

Between running his own label and traveling across the country on The Alchemy tour, its a wonder how Seven Lions makes time to work on new material. Yet, with some of the year’s top releases in “Another Me,” “Break The Silence,” “See The End,” and “Island,” Jeff Montalvo has released so many Ophelia Records gems that his output seems hardly even human. Among the barrage of new music coming from out of Seven Lions’ toolbelt, now a new video has surfaced of the melodic dubstep guru dropping yet another gorgeous new ID.

The unreleased track arose directly out of Seven Lions’ Facebook fan community, Codex Leonis. In the two-and-a-half-minute preview, Montalvo is shown against his glistening Journey backdrop showing off his latest composition inside Denver’s newly-built Mission Ballroom. The track, which does not yet have a name, features classic Seven Lions production techniques. From the track’s beautiful progressions and soaring melodies to its budding builds and euphoric releases, it sounds like fans have another feel-good melodic masterpiece on their hands.

As for an official release, only time will tell. However, knowing Seven Lions’ recent trend of dropping one-off releases all year long, that time may come sooner than everyone knows.

Photo credit: Rukes.