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Kx5 - Escape (Spencer Brown Mix)

Spencer Brown unveils thumping 128-BPM remix of Kx5’s smash single, ‘Escape’ ft. Hayla

Whether its techno, deep house, progressive house, or a whopping 18-minute stormer, Spencer Brown creates what he wants, when he wants… all for the love of music. Nowhere does his love of music shine more than on his latest remix of Kx5‘s “Escape,” featuring Hayla. Speaking about the grueling remix process, Spencer says: “I spent months working and submitted the final product. Rejected. Feeling down, I whipped up another from scratch while touring. Rejected. Last shot.”

Remixing deadmau5 and Kaskade is no easy feat, to be sure. So it was only when he stopped doing the remix for what he thought others might want and began to be himself with the smash hit that things began to really click. “I booked a flight home with the intention of making a harder-edged version for my sets,” he continues. “16 hours of work later, the third attempt was born. The next thing I know, one of the hardest to please (deadmau5) was thrilled with it. So much so that he plays it in all of his sets, including the Kx5 debut with Kaskade at EDC. What an honor!”

As heard during KX5’s debut set at EDC Las Vegas this past May, Spencer Brown is now filled with excitement over releasing his remix of the star duo’s massive single with vocalist Hayla, titled “Escape.” Spencer’s approach to the remix is to take the song down the techno rabbit hole, kicking things into gear with a 128 BPM thump. Hayla’s vocal remains in place and prominent throughout, offering a delicate contrast to the resolute beats.  

Spencer on his approach and what it means to remix KX5:

“As a teenager, deadmau5 and Kaskade were two pioneers that got me into dance music. ‘I Remember’ was one of the tracks that changed everything for me in high school. Fast forward a decade and I was absolutely honored to be asked to remix ‘Escape.’

– Spencer Brown

Now that the remixed track sees its official release, hindsight is 20/20 for the promising dance music artist. “Taking a step back, the remix proves that when you fail, sometimes it’s meant to be. This is one of my favorite productions I’ve made in my career. If I gave up after the first two attempts, it wouldn’t exist. The track has been a mega-bomb in my own sets and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

Stream Spencer Brown’s remix of Kx5’s “Escape” now and be sure to check out his tour dates below.

Kx5 – Escape (Spencer Brown Mix)

Spencer Brown Tour Dates

June 17 – Playa Patrón  – Montréal, CA 

June 18 – Playa Patrón – Montréal, CA 

June 24 – Utopia Pride – New York, NY

June 25 – Pride in the Park – Chicago, IL 

June 26 – Day Trip Festival – Los Angeles, CA 

July 10 – Dockyard – London, UK 

July 15 – Tomorrowland – Belgium 

July 16 – Green Valley – Camboriú, BR 

July 16 – Playground Music Festival – São Paolo, BR 

July 31 – Chasing Summer Festival – Calgary, CA 

August 7 – DAYMVS – San Diego, CA 

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