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Sibling electronic/rock duo Cranium Skylight respond to introversion in latest EP, ‘Externalizer’

With touches of REZZ’s dark mid-tempo, Radiohead’s haunting tones, and Interpol’s dark, brooding lyricism, brother-sister duo Cranium Skylight created their musical project as a metaphor for shedding light on thoughts and feelings and releasing inner visions. Now the pair releases their latest EP, Externalizer, which remixes five special selections from their 10-track studio album, Internalizer.

Landing as a genre-bending extension of their previously released Internalizer LP, the new EP is an extroverted collection of tracks in direct response to their previous with its overtly introspective tone. Saturated with electronic sounds, textures, and beats, Externalizer is an eclectic piece of work that reflects Cranium Skylight’s ability to adapt and change their sound constantly, always hitting the mark.

From the opening “Battle Mix” and the haunting vocals and energetic tempos of their “Esctatic Mix,” to sauntering bass lines of an “Alchemical Mix” and hypnotic melodies on their “Stargazer Mix,” the tracks range in style from industrial to EDM to ambient, and always keep their listeners pulled in.

As the brainchild of sibling electronic rock duo, Cranium Skylight was formed in San Francisco bu Michael and Amanda Prahl. Cranium Skylight is the Prahl’s attempt to make energetic connections and bring the heart and imagination together in harmony. Cranium Skylight has released two full-length albums, All Grown Over and Internalizer, and a remix EP, Externalizer.

A third studio album is in production with an upcoming release date of fall 2021. For now, stream Externalizer below.

Cranium Skylight – Externalizer EP

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