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Ravenscoon is absolutely ‘Mental’ on this full-throttle preview into his Wakaan debut EP, ‘REVOLVE’

Here at CE, we’ve seen Ravenscoon‘s steady upward climb coming from years down the road— arguably before the West Coast bass resident even began seeing that trajectory for himself. These were the days when he was still masquerading around the national underground bass scene as DJ Conversano. In those days, when he wasn’t still learning to mix down in dark hotel room after hours, the then-amateur & ATL-transplant was doling out fan-inspired/artist-themed mixes left and right. When his mixtapes’ viral plays weren’t slapping Soundcloud silly with his inane propensity for deep layering, Conversano had a real knack for complex sound design, which he embraced alongside his love of Dirty South hip-hop sampling.

All of this was several years before Paul Conversano had his prophetic calling to run his last name through an anagram server. That’s how the Ravenscoon, as many know him today, was born. It seems Wakaan has now caught wind of the rising star, whose been standing out against the pack in San Fransisco’s highly-competitive, highly-saturated UG electronic scene, where he resides with his sig-other and their adorable Shiba (whose looks alone could easily place her in the running to one day grace the Doge coin herself).

Charging full steam ahead into his Wakaan Family initiation with tomorrow’s highly-anticipated EP release, Ravenscoon plans to come out guns-blazing on this hard and heavy four-tracker, REVOLVE.

REVOLVE is an evolution of my sound – a showcase of my versatility outside of some of my past work, with each song being designed to be easy to mix live, with room for acapellas, and insanely high energy for the dance floor. I know that all of these tracks will be mainstays in my live sets, and I sincerely hope they make you let loose like they make me do.”

– Ravenscoon

Gifting fans with a preview of the full-throttle bass that’ll be coming out of Ravenscoon’s sonic tool box tomorrow, CE is stoked to be premiering the second selection from the EP, “Mental.” Previously, Ravenscoon hinted how Wakaan was the perfect place to showcase some of the heavier stuff he’s been playing with. “Mental” is a testament to the exact kind of “heavy” Ravenscoon was referring to.

Ravenscoon – Mental [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

Standing in stark contrast to his most recent downtempo-focused EP, Rapid Eye Movements, this four-minute cut sees Paul pull on his favorite influences—death metal, gritty bass, and hip-hop. Throughout the 4-minute ride, he’s seen taking a deep, dubby dive into ominous landscapes, assaulting synths, and a heavy reverb that could slow down someone’s heart rate. It’s almost like Ravenscoon has hitched a ride into his own oblivion, before he’s seen coming up to the surface again for some air and light-hearted hip-hop, before he delves back into the depths again. It’s a journey for which no one can be sure when Ravenscoon will be coming up to breath again.

REVOLVE lands tomorrow, July 16, on Wakaan and will feature three Ravenscoon originals, and one collaboration with Viskus. While the revered imprint’s newest sign-on seems a bit overdue, and almost like a “better-late-than-never” kind of celebration, it certainly feels like it won’t be the last we hear of Ravenscoon on Wakaan.

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