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Fierce bass newcomer Canabliss marks her SSKWAN debut with first single of 2021, ‘Freak It’

Fast-rising musician and producer Canabliss catapulted into the world of bass music over the past couple of years with her signature sound. Her newfound success drew the eye of WAKAAN and its management team, Optimystic Group, who went on to sign Canabliss in 2020. Despite COVID interfering with her 2020 touring plans, the young artist spent her time working on her creativity and lining up several releases. Marking her SSKWAN debut and first single of 2021, Canabliss reveals a bass-heavy tune that she’s rightly dubbed “Freak It.”

“Freak It” opens with a simple yet entrancing synth-forward melody that slowly progresses into Canabliss’ trademark wobble bass line. Throughout the single, Canabliss takes listeners to a dream-like soundscape. Floating between experimental and future bass, “Freak It” delivers an enthralling, sonic experience, primed to be the perfect addition to anyone’s playlist this summer.

Toronto-based producer Canabliss has easily found a name and audience for herself. Over the years, she became involved in the bass scene, which led her to find support with show bookings alongside TroyBoiPeekaboo, and Tripzy Leary. She continues to create her path with her distinctive sound of experimental bass and rhythmic touch, reflected in each of her releases. The rest of 2021 is shaping up to be Canabliss’ biggest year, with ample music to come.

As she continues to carve out her own space in electronic music, Canabliss’ growing discography will pave the way for her to share her creative vision with a growing audience. “Freak It” solidifies the Toronto-native as an artist to watch as she continues to work her way up. Also, catch the Wakaan/SSKWAN newcomer live out at Kosmic Kingdom this August 27 through 28 or Lost Lands the following month in September.

Canabliss – Freak It

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