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Mysterious experimental project Sonomancer releases nostalgic lo-fi single, ‘Industria’

As a rather enigmatic figure, Sonomancer prefers to let music to speak for itself. Their project—while uniquely anonymous and entirely shrouded in mystery—pays homage to the early days of UK rave and the music that bloomed from this era. Now Sonomancer releases a brand new single, entitled “Industria,” which plays heavily with lo-fi mastering, wild experimentation, and off-kilter electronic sonics.

The new low-fidelity track is also accompanied by a music video portraying vintage footage from nineties raves, back to a time when the foundation was really just being laid down by counter-culture partiers. A track that is symbolic of the start of something new, Sonomancer’s aim is to show fans where the journey starts, using break beats and electronic soundscapes to take their listeners on a nostalgic, yet entirely futuristic ride. 

Not giving too much away about their persona, Sonomancer wishes to rely entirely on the music to resonate with fans, with the desire to create ever more elaborate soundscapes motivating them. Unlike anything on this Earth, Sonomancer cannot be compared, but takes inspiration from electronic pioneers, The Prodigy, along with legendary 90s outfits, Orbital and Leftfield. 

Sonomancer – Industria

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