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Justin Jay Unveils His ‘Nu-Rave’ Era with Latest Single, ‘Where is the PLUR?

For the last five years, Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage has fostered a platform where artistry can flourish, boundaries can be broken, and musical communities bridged. Defined by feeling not genre, the label’s first half a decade around the sun has been marked by cosmic odysseys, technicolor sunsets, and friendships between a wide-reaching cast of musical characters. Over the past month, the imprint commemorated the anniversary by rolling out a three-disc, 100-track compilation, titled 5 Years of FV.

Headed into 2022, Justin Jay is ready to flesh out his more recent interests in hyper-pop, left-of-center club music, and rave revival anthems – described by him as “Nu Rave.” His next official offering of this new sound focus comes via “Where is the PLUR?”, a frenetic and fun dance anthem that caps off a memorable year for both artist and label.

Nu-Rave’s fast-paced production combines modern sensibilities with old-school rave nostalgia, a melting pot of styles and influences that span footwork, breaks, hardcore, and more. Those who have seen Jay play out as of late will recognize his unrelenting ability to break these tracks out in unsuspecting environs, always with a smile on his face and a feeling of open-mindedness in tow.

“Where is the PLUR?” exudes a colorful, warm aesthetic and message. The single opens with charmed synth-play and spirited snares, which welcome vocals from Justin Jay himself. The beat then drops into a peppy, fast-paced composition and steeped edit on the vocal line. This amalgamation of happy hardcore and positive introspection conveys the spirit of this new genre focus – conjuring wistful, nostalgic rhythm along with fresh contemporary sounds. Listen now.

Justin Jay – Where is the PLUR?

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