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Marbs redefines Desert Hearts Black’s sonic direction on new ‘Minds on the Run’ EP

Photo courtesy of Marbs/Desert Hearts Black.

Over the last several years, Marbs and Evan Casey have helped grow the DH label subsidiary, Desert Hearts Black, into a respected platform for melodic strains of house and techno. Desert Hearts Black is ready to welcome in 2022 with a renewed aim in delivering techno and house music for its international audience. For its first release of 2022, label boss Marbs kicks things off with his new EP, Minds on the Run. Made throughout 2021, the four-tracker was written for the return of live music and as a reflection of the collective experience of the pandemic. 

Minds on the Run opens with a 7-minute club track, “Needed Time.” This endemic anthem was written with peak hours in mind – accessing this golden hour energy with Native American chants in the soundscape. A message of psychedelia is enthused by a rolling bassline and melodic risers as the track progresses. Hugs, champagne, and the feeling of making it through the night should remind listeners of the collective experience Desert Hearts strives for. The track also represents a shift in focus for DHB in 2021 as they plan to expand from melodic house and techno into more diverse sounds packed with attitude and groove.

“Mental Gymnastics” offers a hastened vibe – contributing staccato synth play and a thumping backbeat to impart upon the chaotic time it was written. Exploring sounds that range from melodic to electro to tech, the track’s sprawling style lends to nighttime festivals. Continuing the theme of ‘minds running,’ the track calls to the producers’ state of trying to adjust and figure out this new reality.

The title track is the final original on the EP and conveys Marbs’ longing for the DH booth at sunrise. The production picks up the bustling energy to mint itself as the project’s certified banger. The release drop comes nearly 2 and a half minutes in when a reverbed vocal sends listeners afloat on an oscillating bassline marred in instrumental and vocal elements.

The project wraps up with a bonus remix from Spanish techno and tech-house aficionado Oscar L. His veteran sound marries classic and peculiar influences and has earned placements with the likes of Drumcode (Adam Beyer’s label), Knee Deep In Sound (Hot Since 82’s label), Stereo Productions (Chus & Ceballos’s label), Truesoul (Adam Beyer’s label), We Are The Brave (Alan Fitzpatrick’s label), and 1605 (Umek’s label). Oscar also directs his own radio show, D-Mix, which is broadcasted in 16 countries through 130 different stations. Oscar L’s professional framework continues to expand, foreshadowing a prolific future and a privileged position amongst the most outstanding figures of his country. For his remix, Oscar L offers up an ‘On A Trip’ techno rework of “Needed Time.”

“I’ve been an Oscar L fan for a long time. When I sent him the music and he said yes, I was really excited to have him on Desert Hearts Black.”

– Marbs

With Marbs largely at the helm, Desert Hearts Black has continued to thrive through an otherwise tumultuous year for the industry. The entire crew will be taking the party to Lake Perris, California this spring as Desert Hearts Festival looks to celebrate ten years at a new venue home. Minds on the Run previews the label’s excitement to return to festival, as well as a renewed focus to expand on its electronic offerings. Join the Desert Hearts community for their grand return and most magical festival yet.

Marbs – Minds on the Run EP

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