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Quiet Bison - Dawn LP

QUIET BISON releases highly-anticipated debut album ‘Dawn’ via Ultra Records

Photo courtesy of Utlra Records.

Riding the success of seven album-teasing singles, Quiet Bison continues to mold the electronic pop landscape with his latest glittering triumph. It arrives in the form of his debut album, titled Dawn, which is out now on Ultra Records.  The 20-year-old producer’s distinctly avant-garde sound has already seized the attention of the industry and led to countless opportunities onstage and in the studio.  

The album has been foreshadowed since 2020 with successes that featured prominent names in dance music, including Flume-collaborator Reo Cragun on “High Like This,” along with radiant successes “Blight,” featuring Fortune, and “Call It Even” with Pauline Herr. Continuing his momentum in the music world, Quiet Bison has delivered an album of gracefully orchestrated chaos with a catchy undertow.

Though Dawn boasts 30 tracks, a significant project especially considering the young producer mixes almost everything himself, it leaves you wanting more. Tracks such as “Spore” screech into the senses and elevate the heartbeat, while songs like “Sandpaper” (ft. TYGKO) speed through hard-hitting, trap-reminiscent beats, and a sudden plunge into heart-wrenching ethereal strings characterizes the concluding track, “696969.”

The artist describes the process behind the album’s tone:

“The first song I started working on for this album was ‘Myriad’ in late 2019. Quite ironic that it’s the last single to be released with the entire ‘Dawn’ album. ‘Dawn’ is my biggest project to date and it has captured the entirety of my life pre-covid and during. I became close with people I never thought and this is a sonic journey into my mind and dealing with relationships especially ones from a distance. ‘Dawn’ is also a story about fighting for love and the tragedy that can sometimes come with that.”

– Quiet Bison

What the wide array of anthems in Dawn have in common is that you never know where they are going to take you, but you love where you end up. Whether it’s the artwork awash in rainbow incandescence and hinted stories of fallen kingdoms, an asset that he consciously incorporates to create more of an experience for listeners, or the comprehensive and geometric sound design, a visceral world is created within Quiet Bison’s music.

 Dawn is Quiet Bison’s most striking universe yet— it’s glimmering, intriguing, and most of all, it’s unlike anything else.



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