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Kx5 debuts at EDC Las Vegas

Get ready for Kaskade & deadmau5’s collaborative debut as Kx5

Photo credit: Mark Owens.

When two legendary pioneers get together like this, it’s impossible for the dance music world to turn a blind eye. Each a household name on their own, deadmau5 and Kaskade recently made headlining news with the announcement that they’ve officially joined forces to form a unique collaborative union. They’re calling their newest joint endeavor Kx5. The project makes its formal debut March 11 with the release of “Escape,” featuring rising British singer-songwriter Hayla.

Kx5 is a collaboration over a decade and a half in the making. As deadmau5 and Kaskade, Joel Zimmerman and Ryan Radan effectively changed the electronic music landscape when they paired together for dual releases in 2008. From the slow-burning “I Remember” to their follow-up “Move For Me” shortly thereafter, the two progressive house mavens cemented their influence as the standard. Both tracks peaked at No. 1 within a week of one another on Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart.

This was all taking place during an infancy stage for dance music, keep in mind, and their collaborative chart-toppers were only just setting the stage for a progressive house explosion a few years before the 2012 EDM boom. This was a time when, as Raddon tells Dancing Astronaut, “everyone in the entire world was just discovering electronic music. Both Joel and I had our own agendas and we were, I mean, I was barely surviving 15 years ago. Trying to do [this] back then that would’ve been an impossibility.”

Speaking to their sonic direction as Kx5, Zimmerman also opened up recently to DA that the two were setting out on the journey together as a sort-of nod back in time:

“I think sonically and kind of rhythmically, [our new material] does kind of allude to that progressive house sound of the early 2000s kind of vibe. If this song were to come out 10 years ago, it wouldn’t really strike me as, ‘Oh, this is the future.’ But that’s kind of good in a way that it’s like a little bit of a throwback to that kind of minimalistic approach, to that melodic sing-songy house.”

– deadmau5

While the two trailblazers’ collaborative pathway spans decades, the two Grammy-nominated artists began crossing paths once more on 2016’s ominous “Beneath with Me,” featuring Skylar Grey. Then, in July 2021, Kaskade made history as the first public concert performed at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium. The sold-out show featured a surprise set by deadmau5 and had the two artists reuniting again for a set to close the show.

Kx5 will make their live performance debut in May at EDC Las Vegas. “Escape” will be jointly released under deadmau5 and Kaskade’s respective labels, mau5trap and Arkade. Pre-save the track ahead of its March 11 release here.

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