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Circus Records boss Flux Pavilion makes an epic return with euphoric single, ‘Lore’

The king is back! With a cinematic intro calling to mind fantasy epics and galactic sagas, the Flux Pavilion everyone knows and loves is kicking off 2022 with the thundering title, “Lore.” Showcasing the burning, innovative energy that helped the Circus Records founder pioneer an entire genre, it’s set to soundtrack the stages and festivals of the future. 

“Lore” is Flux Pavilion’s first solo single release since the heartfelt ‘.wav’ album was released last year, earning extensive media attention (Billboard, Forbes, many more) and the adoration of a whole new generation of fans. Since then he’s been showcasing his new live show, honing his craft and developing it into the immersive audio/visual experience that his music deserves. All that drama and excitement has been channeled into “Lore,” an explosive and weighty showstopper!

“Following ‘.wav,’ I want to dive deeper into the fluxiverse, what better way than to lay the foundation for the whole concept! The sound of this record feels pretty important too, I want to show the world I’m not done with destroying dancefloors but I want to do it the flux way!”

– Flux Pavillion

“.wav” saw Flux Pavilion reach beyond the confines of bass music; and with “Lore,” he’s in control of the narrative, adding another chapter to the story. The track’s huge scale and unmistakable melodic beauty shows, in his own words, that “Flux Pavilion will always be Flux Pavilion.” Get ready to enter his world once again.

Flux Pavilion – Lore

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