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Drum-n-bass artist Meladee announces new imprint with new 6-track release, ‘Pheno 51’ EP

Written during a turbulent period of personal change, Drum ‘n’ Bass producer Meladee has now delivered a mastery in the genre artwork with his brand new Pheno 51 EP.

Teasing the EP since all the way back in January, Meladee juggled his creative pursuits with looking after his baby daughter and new puppy. Cut forward a few months, and Meladee found himself facing unexpected personal difficulties. These challenges and obstacles have culminated in this grand and sweeping EP which in his own words delivers “rollers, liquid, dance floor and straight-up space vibes!”

Pheno 51 is a testament to Meladee’s dedication to his art and his resilience both as an artist and in his personal life. Hoping that this positive message is carried forward in the music, Meladee aims to continue to push his artistry further with each new release.

A regular DJ on Bloc 2 Bloc, Meladee got into original music creation to fulfill his own passion for music. Originally releasing his music solely on social media platforms, Meladeee has built up an online following as he has gradually developed his craft and repertoire. Hoping to be booked for some live events and raves, Meladee hopes his music will bring him closer to the fans, as he picks up the momentum with his latest release, which he is releasing with Alien Audio, his brand new record label. Stream Pheno 51 in full, below.

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